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Caring for yourself

  • How to take care of yourself if you are infected

    • Let an expert guide you through this-consult a doctor and follow-up with treatment
    • Remember it’s okay to feel anxious or fearful, but it’s important to reach for medical assistance and trust information only from credible resources
    • List down your needs- physical (medicines, nutritious diet, sleep, etc.), emotional (like interacting virtually with loved ones), mental (daily activities for engagement while isolating)-and reach out to people who can help
    • Monitor your symptoms and track recovery
    • Keep resources (emergency numbers, etc.) and a plan of action ready for if and when symptoms might aggravate
    • Include relaxation exercises in your quarantine routine and look out for triggers to regulate or minimize added stress
    • Maintain a journal and reflect upon your daily positive experiences before sleep time
    • Even in isolation, try following a routine to maintain familiarity

    How to take care of yourself when you are not infected with COVID-19:

    • Narrow the exposure to news and social media in a day
    • Take up hobbies – existing or develop new one(s)
    • Try to engage in any physical activity each day. It can be as minimum as a 10-minute walk.
    • Try to fix a time in day for virtual socialization.
    • Celebrate little achievements and wins- you deserve it!
    • Stop multitasking and focus on breathing for some time.
    • Try Butterfly Hugs: cross both arms over your chest, placing hands over each shoulder, Tap shoulders gently with each hand, alternating hands between each tap. Continue doing until you feel relaxed.