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Code of Conduct

We request ALL our clients to adhere to the Code of Conduct set out below:

  • No abusive or foul language should be directed towards our counsellors.
  • No disrespectful tone should be used in conversations (including but not limited to screaming, threatening, sexual, insulting, slurs of any kind).
  • Counsellors should not be addressed using non-professional terms such as but not limited to familial/romantic terms like sister, mother, sweetheart, darling.
  • Please do not coerce our counsellors to extend the duration/length of counselling sessions.
  • Please do not coerce our counsellors to do anything that causes them discomfort. For instance: asking a counsellor to “call me brother/sister”, “speak to me in a loving tone”, “yell at me”.
  • No personal questions should be addressed to our counsellors, such as but not limited to location, age, relationship status, religion, appearance-based questions.
  • No sexist or sexual remarks should be made towards our counsellors and/or no explicitly sexual behavior should be indulged in while on call, such as masturbating while talking to counsellors.
  • Clients must use a respectful tone and language with the counsellors.
  • Clients must respect counsellors’ boundaries of time and self-disclosure.
  • Clients are expected to work in collaboration with the counsellors but do have the right to politely agree/disagree with the counsellors.
  • Clients must put in efforts to adhere to the follow-up schedule as decided by the counsellor and client during sessions (when to call/email next, homework given etc.).

In addition to the above, the following shall apply specifically to email-counselling:

  • The email counselling service is not a chat-based service. We request your patience and a window of 2 working days for us to respond.
  • No unsolicited attachments such as pictures, audio, video should be sent in any email addressed to us. The same may not be accepted or opened. Should clients not adhere to this, we reserve the right to take necessary actions as deemed fit by us, on a case-to-case basis.