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During a time when I was feeling extremely lonely and vulnerable with no one to share what was triggering a relapse of my depression, I chanced upon manntalks.org. Out of desperation to not want to take seriously irreversible drastic steps, I picked up the phone and got in touch with the helpline number provided. I cannot thank the team enough for the therapist who was so patient, non-judgmental and empathetic towards me.And the best part – the therapist was so clear headed and solution oriented that I didn’t have to revert after that two hours of a call. And whoever needs to hear this, know that you are not alone. If you are going through feelings of solitude, anxiety or depression, I sincerely recommend you to give manntalks.org one earnest try.

Reaching out to Mann helpline was a good decision. The counsellors are extremely empathetic,  compassionate and sound like they really care. They are well trained to handle someone in distress and offer helpful tips. Considering that therapy is so expensive, to have this helpline available free of cost is such a blessing and I wish more people knew about it and could make use of it.

Mann Talks was a new experience for me due to three reasons. First, I was always accustomed automated voice recordings due to unavailability through other helplines. But At ‘Mann talks’ – someone was available on the other end of the line before I re-evaluated my life choices and decided to hang up the phone. Second, halfway through my call, when I was disconnected due to poor network, I was heartbroken thinking I’ll have to start over and not be able to connect back with the same person I was speaking to. However, I dialed back again to try my luck, someone else picked up my phone. But when I explained my situation, I learnt they had processes to get me back to the same mental health professional – this was definitely a reassuring experience for me. The third reason finally made Mann Talks a wholesome experience for me. By the end of the session, my (very helpful and compassionate) mental health professional told me when I call the helpline next time (which is recommended), and if I am connected to someone else – I can pick up the conversation where I left last time just like it is with a personal therapist. That was a such pleasant surprise! Frankly speaking, free mein itna kuch milega – maine socha hi nahin tha. For me ‘Mann Talks’ is safe space with an aura of professionalism.

You have been a great support, one of the greatest support I have ever had. You have helped me in depression, anxiety and even with suicidal thoughts. My problems can be as small as a casual fight in family or as big as thoughts of ending my life you always listen with empathy and respond according to my needs. You have been better than a lot of counselors or doctors I have seen. Getting so much help for FREE was something I never expected. Thank you, Mann Talks for everything.

The mental health professional who handled my call did a wonderful job of helping me out with a great understanding and I really appreciate her efforts to ease me out of a depressed state. She patiently listened to me, and suggested exercises and laid out a step wise plan for my well-being. Never before have I seen such a detailed plan been made to help someone in distress. I am highly grateful for the sincere efforts to help me out.

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