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Dealing with loneliness

  • Tips to deal with Loneliness:

    • Whatever you may be experiencing, you are not alone in it.
      • Emotions are like waves. Just as a wave approaches a beach, it also recedes each time; there are high tides, just as there are low tides. Similarly, any emotion, like loneliness, may ebb and flow, with varying intensity.
    • Become aware of other emotions that are present along with you feeling lonely, like languish, anger, frustration, anxiety, and sadness.
    • Observe pleasant emotions that you may be experiencing, even for a moment-calmness, content, happy, relaxed, and hopeful.
    • Ask yourself what do you need the most when you are feeling lonely? Can be anything:
      • A hug
      • Calling a friend
      • Reading a book
      • Playing games
      • Engaging in art/craft
      • Listening to music
    • Look out for external factors that are also leading you to feel lonely. (It is not that you are the cause for your problems)
      • Pandemic
      • Work from home
      • Loss of family/friends
      • Limited interactions with other
      • Having to stay alone
    • Loneliness is a collective experience during the time of pandemic. Finding a space to share how you are feeling and support, others can make you feel connected. Things that may help are:
      • Identifying trusted individuals
      • Virtually connecting with new people/community
      • Support groups
      • Calling at the helpline
      • Writing about your feelings