1. Managing Stress

Know your Stress Monster to deal with it! Discover how stress hormones battle inside you, making you want to fight, run, or hide. Learn to listen to your body’s whispers (those aches and pains!), and find relief through mindfulness techniques like Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Belly Breathing, and Deep Sighs. Remember, these aren’t just tools for tough times; they are daily habits for a happier, calmer you.

Taming the stress monster

Body under pressure

Mind under pressure

Stress better with mindfulness

2. Managing Anxiety

Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety? Take a deep breath and allow yourself to follow the module. This practical guide equips you with tools to navigate anxiety’s ups and downs with kindness and awareness. Discover how your nervous system works, and how mindfulness can help break the cycle of worry. Learn the powerful 3-3-3 technique to calm your mind in the moment. Practice grounding exercises like “Be the Tree” to stay present, and master the calming rhythm of “5 Finger Breathing”. Find your inner calm, one mindful step at a time.

Get to know your anxiety

Riding the anxiety wave

Ground when anxious

Five finger breathing